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Although we are a Public  Multinational, Kinkaid has always followed an unwritten, but nonetheless strict policy of avoiding high risk enterprise and thus keeping ourselves out of the Mainstream Media as much as possible. Due to this stalwart discretion, Kinkaid has been able to  maintain high yet stable profit growth, low executive turn over and minimal governmental interference in its operations both abroad and in the States. The only draw back of this indirect directive is the fact that most consumers do not know what it is that we do. Well, now that you have decided to promote yourself into our Elite Ranks, it would be prudent of us to ensure that you know precisely what the Kinkaid Group is and does.

Although founded as a NGO Think Tank, The Kinkaid Group has, over the years, extended its influence into commercial and social enterprises which we felt were uniquely attractive to Kinkaid, given our rather unique rresources and capabilities. This cautious expansion has, over time, amassed considerable equity and positioned Kinkaid comfortably atop the highest tiers of Industry and Finance. No other Corporation can claim an investment portfolio as diversified, nor a subsidiary base as well founded throughout the free world. So, you are  probably wondering to youself, "Buthow did they do it? What are they?"


The Kinkaid Group is a Global Consulting, Contracting and Holdings Firm. What does that mean? It means that Kinkaid has the talent, intelligence, man power and capital to turn any Busines into a Successful Business. We, not only, are the Architrects and Designers, we are also the laborers, the emergency services, the marketing and sales team and the investment bankers funding any given Kinkaid project. Just think, that is the team you just joined. Doesn't it feel good to be on the winning side?



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